Farnborough Airport Company celebrates launch of its Net Zero Roadmap with industry leading sustainable fuel initiative

30th June 2022 by Farnborough Airport

Farnborough Airport, Europe’s leading airport for premium air travel connectivity and the home of British aviation, today launches its Net Zero Roadmap, establishing one of the most ambitious Net Zero targets in the aviation sector. Titled, ‘Roadmap to Net Zero by 2030 – Where will you be?’, the Farnborough Airport Company is committing to be Net Zero across its controllable emissions by 2030 or sooner. This will result in a 91% reduction of those emissions. As part of the launch, ahead of this summer’s globally renowned 2022 Farnborough International Airshow, Farnborough Airport will be the first airport in the world to offer Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) – which can reduce life cycle CO2 emissions by up to 80% – at the same price as standard Jet A1 fuel for a trial period from 1st July to the beginning of the Airshow.

As the largest business aviation airport in the UK and having become the first in the world to achieve carbon neutrality in 2018, Farnborough Airport is progressing its strategy to become a global showcase for airport sustainability through the launch of its Net Zero Roadmap, as Farnborough Airport CEO Simon Geere explains: “When it comes to supporting the decarbonisation of the aviation industry, we want to lead the way at Farnborough Airport, which is why we have set ourselves one of the most ambitious targets in the industry, by committing to be Net Zero across our controllable emissions by 2030 or sooner. Put simply, we want our customers to increasingly choose Farnborough Airport because of our sustainability credentials, alongside our market leading state-of-the-art facilities and our exceptional levels of customer care.”

The Roadmap outlines Farnborough Airport’s commitment to be Net Zero for its controllable emissions by 2030 and a pathway to do so. This covers the reduction of emissions from buildings, the airfield and on-site operational vehicles. By 2035, It has also committed to targeting a reduction of its controllable emissions and those it has partial influence over by over 40%. This includes emissions from the landing and take-off (LTO) cycle of aircraft up to 3,000 feet, and surface access emissions generated by passenger journeys to and from the airport.

Farnborough Airport first introduced SAF at the airport 12 months ago.  Its increasing availability and demand are key component for reducing emissions generated by aircraft activity. At present, SAF production and purchase costs are a significant hurdle to its wholesale adoption across the aviation industry. As part of its Net Zero Roadmap launch, Farnborough Airport is putting the spotlight on the importance of reducing the costs of SAF and signalling its intent to be a catalyst for change across the wider aviation industry.

“We know where we want to be,” Geere explains. “We want to continue to be the premier business aviation airport in the world, building upon our historic and pioneering legacy. We also want to set the benchmark for environmental performance within our sector. We are on a journey to be Net Zero by 2030 or sooner, where will you be?”

Roadmap to Net Zero by 2030 | Farnborough Airport

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Farnborough Airport reinvents the customer travel experience through exclusive partnership with EI8HT Oxygen

7th June 2022 by Farnborough Airport

Farnborough Airport, Europe’s leading airport for premium air travel experiences, has this week set a new standard for travel wellbeing. Through an exclusive partnership with EI8HT by Avrox, Farnborough Airport is the first offline stockist to offer passengers and crew an innovative oxygen drink that provides a refreshing pre-flight boost or aids jet lag recovery post-flight, marking a complete reinvention of the traditionally tiresome air travel experience.

Developed by the UK based human-centric technology company Avrox Technologies, and in partnership with the University of Oxford, EI8HT increases the body’s ability to transport oxygen to the muscles by 5% through triggering the production of microbubbles, which are 500 times thinner than human air.

This exciting collaboration between two progressive companies gives passengers and crew the chance to enjoy the EI8HT oxygen experience with immediate health benefits. The EI8HT drink sachets are mixed with water to increase oxygen supply, provide increased energy and improved performance, as well as alleviating the undesirable tiring effects of travel and low cabin oxygenation, making it the perfect 100% natural pre or post-flight pick-me-up. The innovative drink sachets and accompanying water bottles will be available to purchase for the first time in person, in Farnborough Airport’s passenger lounge two, as well as the ground floor crew room.

 This news comes at the same time as the exciting refurbishment of Farnborough’s exclusive private lounge which has undergone a renovation. With a soft palette of blues and atmospheric lighting, the private lounge reflects the modern design of the airport, helping passengers to relax before or after their flight from Farnborough Airport.

Farnborough’s FBO Director said, “We are pleased to be working with Avrox Technologies on this innovative new offering to further develop our unrivalled customer experience, enhanced through Farnborough’s exclusive new private lounge. We are proud to be the first stockist of EI8HT products, and to offer our guests something completely unique and reinvigorating, as they travel through Farnborough Airport.”

Raymond Averre, the CEO of Avrox Technologies, commented; “We are delighted to be working with Farnborough Airport to offer their clients a truly innovative advantage. EI8HT is a unique functional beverage enhancer that will enrich the travel experience, using a patented oxygen delivery technology developed in collaboration with Oxford University. This exclusive partnership between two forward looking businesses will set the standard for travel wellbeing, bringing together the best of British innovation with the leading business aviation gateway to London.”

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Farnborough Airport welcomes Flexjet team, driving economic and sustainability performance

20th May 2022 by Farnborough Airport

Farnborough Airport’s mission to become a global showcase for airport sustainability and driver of regional economic growth continues to gather pace as it welcomes premium fleet operator Flexjet in setting up its European Tactical Control Centre at Europe’s leading business aviation airport. As well as offering an outstanding customer experience, Flexjet has sustainability high on its priorities and includes a complete emissions offset (300% CO2e) for both carbon and non-carbon pollution, at no extra cost to the passenger, thus contributing to Farnborough Airport’s own commitment to sustainability and the UK Government’s targets for net zero carbon emissions.

Flexjet has opened the Tactical Control Centre – the operational heart of its European business – and office space for its operations and other support teams within Farnborough Airport’s Meadow Gate building, in a move from its previous base in St. Albans, Hertfordshire. The relocation contributes to Farnborough Airport’s impressive number of 50 companies based on site and the airport’s longstanding history of driving economic growth and local employment in the region. With 80% of staff living within a 10-mile radius of Farnborough Airport, the airport is a major regional employer. During the COVID pandemic the airport remained fully operational and instead of making redundancies took the opportunity to hire into new positions.

Farnborough Airport’s CEO Simon Geere, commented, “We’re thrilled to welcome Flexjet to Farnborough Airport. The operator’s exemplary focus on sustainability brings additional value to our airport, not to mention a boost to local employment and fiscal growth in the region. After becoming the first business airport to be awarded carbon neutral status in 2018 and making continued improvements in our environmental performance, this partnership further establishes our position as one of the most modern, well-connected, and sustainably minded airports of its kind.”

Flexjet European Managing Director, Marine Eugène, added, “Our move to Farnborough Airport represents an important milestone in our European expansion and generates a multitude of synergies and benefits for our team and our owners alike. Flexjet and Farnborough Airport have a shared ethos for excellence in both operations and service, so we are delighted to be forging this closer partnership.”

Farnborough Airport became the first business airport to be awarded carbon neutral status in 2018 and made Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) available to its customers in 2021. This year Farnborough Airport has introduced Electric Ground Power Units and Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO), which reduces net greenhouse gas emissions by up to 90%. Furthermore, this summer, Farnborough Airport will embark on a £55m investment programme to significantly expand its facilities and operational infrastructure by developing a new 175,000 sq ft state-of-the-art hangar facility, branded as Domus III. With Domus III, the airport will achieve some of the very highest environmental standards and the building itself will be rated by BREEAM, the world’s leading sustainability assessment method for infrastructure and buildings.

Farnborough Airport was the UK’s first airfield in aviation history and home to the country’s first powered flight in 1908. Over the past decade, the airport has continued to be a leader in aviation, hosting the biennial Farnborough International Airshow and pioneering sustainability across the industry.

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Farnborough Airport and Edmiston launch the largest ever air-side advertisement with a fully immersive guest experience

11th May 2022 by Farnborough Airport

The first of its kind in the UK private aviation space

Europe’s leading private aviation airport, Farnborough Airport, and esteemed yacht brokerage company, Edmiston, have created a first-of-its-kind collaboration with the largest ever air-side advertisement on the airport’s radar tower as part of a new fully immersive guest experience. From this week, passengers will find the award-winning terminal’s welcome wall and customer service vehicles featuring Edmiston’s iconic red branding, a newly designed Edmiston Lounge, and in July, the terminal’s 18m high air-side radar tower will showcase the Edmiston branding.

When travelling through the newly designed Edmiston Lounge guests will experience a fully bespoke design, filled with rich fabrics and furniture paired with Edmiston photography, a travel library, works of art, and yacht models. In July, on moving airside, Edmiston’s creative branding placement will wrap two sides of the airport’s radar tower. The banner scales 18m high and 18m wide, making it the largest ever air-side advertisement in a UK airport.

Simon Geere, CEO of Farnborough Airport, says: “We believe there is great brand synergy between Farnborough Airport and Edmiston in offering exceptional service and unique premium travel experiences. We are delighted to launch our collaboration with Edmiston, and we look forward to welcoming clients travelling through our airport as they await their departure.

Jamie Edmiston, Chief Executive of Edmiston, says: “Guests travelling through Farnborough Airport can now experience a slice of the Edmiston lifestyle whilst waiting for their flight. We will offer them the greatest service and comfort when using the jet terminal, much as they would receive on one of our yachts, providing a completely seamless service from sky to sea.” 

The creative branding sees the very best of private travel brands coming together to offer guests an immersive experience by adding extra touch points throughout the customer journey. The new experience is part of a wider development plan at Farnborough Airport including a £35million hangar investment and the introduction of SAF (Sustainable Aviation Fuel) and HVO fuel (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) to reduce both flying and onsite emissions.

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Farnborough Airport Wins First Place for 16th Consecutive Year in AIN International FBO Survey

4th May 2022 by Farnborough Airport


Farnborough Airport has retained its number one ranking in the Aviation International News (AIN) International FBO Survey 2022, winning the top title in the Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia Pacific category for the 16th year running.

The Airport is thrilled with the achievement in the annual independent survey, which is industry-wide and considered a true metric of performance as it is based on reviews by pilots, flight crews and dispatchers.

“To be recognised in these awards for the 16th year running is a resounding affirmation to Farnborough Airport’s commitment to exceptional customer service and operational excellence, even during the challenging and changing circumstances of the past year. We are extremely grateful to all our customers and partners for their ongoing support and look forward to not only meeting but exceeding their expectations,” said Simon Geere, Farnborough Airport CEO.

Farnborough Airport’s score in the 2022 AIN International FBO Survey ranks it among the top five percent of all FBOs including those in North America, with its facilities category the highest this year overall. Its terminal is also among the highest globally in passenger amenities.  This year, the Airport team plans to increase climate-controlled hangar capacity with a £35million investment as well as enlarge and resurface the apron parking areas and rehabilitate the existing runway to allow for more efficient aircraft movement.

“Along with our outstanding service, attention to detail and infrastructure, we’re known for the amount of investment we commit to the airport to constantly improve our facilities and service,” said FBO director Dominic Osborne.

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Farnborough Airport Introduces Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil to Reduce On-Site Vehicle Emissions

11th April 2022 by Farnborough Airport

Europe’s leading business aviation airport, Farnborough Airport is pleased to announce all diesel powered cars on site will now start changing over to use Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil. Using HVO reduces net greenhouse gas emissions by up to 90% and marks another significant step in Farnborough Airport’s work to support the decarbonisation of the wider aviation industry.

In July 2021, Farnborough Airport introduced Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), which allows the reduction of flying emissions by up to 80%. In 2018, the airport was the first business aviation airport to be awarded carbon neutral status by Airports Council International Europe and over the past 10 years the airport has reduced its controllable emissions by over 70%.

Farnborough Airport CEO, Simon Geere, says: “The Farnborough Airport team recognises that climate change is a clear and pressing issue and is committed to minimising its environmental impact and improving environmental performance throughout its operations. The introduction of HVO is another milestone in our sustainability programme and an integral part in delivering against the government’s targets for net zero carbon emissions.”

The WP Group supplies HVO at Farnborough Airport. HVO is a paraffinic diesel, which can directly replace standard diesel, with no retrofitting required to the vehicle. HVO is produced from 100% sustainable renewable feedstocks waste, including used cooking oil, plant, food, and animal waste, with each order accredited to the Renewable Fuels Assurance Scheme (RFAS). HVO is also EN15940 accredited and other benefits include increased storage life, reduced NOx and PM tailpipe emissions, it’s not susceptible to “diesel bug” and has a low freezing point.

WP Groups Commercial Manager, Mark Clouter commented, “It’s great to see Farnborough Airport switching to a renewable fuel. HVO offers an immediate way to reduce emissions, without incurring capital costs to change vehicles or equipment. WP is committed to our longstanding relationship with Farnborough Airport providing a secure supply of the latest products, technologies and fuel management supporting the Airport’s sustainability programme.”

Farnborough Airport are thrilled to be working with the WP group on this new initiative,  FBO Director, Dominic Osborne, says: “We are delighted to be working with The WP Group to be able to use HVO at Farnborough Airport and continue to lead the way in reducing on-site emissions throughout all operations. As Europe’s leading business aviation airport, we strive to continually improve our services and give our partners the opportunity to make a greener choice by working with us.”

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Farnborough Airport’s Community Focus in December

7th January 2022 by Farnborough Airport

Throughout December Farnborough Airport held a number of community initiatives from assisting a local charity with gardening, to litter picking and tree planting in Southwood Park.

At the beginning of the month, a team from the airport along with staff from the Carbon Footprint planted over 200 trees in Southwood  Park. The tree’s included  Hawthorn, Hazel, Gorse, Dogwood and Rowan. “A great effort by the team, it is something that will be exciting to watch grow over the next few years at Southwood Park, a little bit of effort today for a future of benefits to the users of the park.” Gareth Andrews, Sustainability Manager at Farnborough Airport.

Towards the end of December, the team were out in the community again and took to the perimeter of the airport and managed to fill an amazing 8 bags of rubbish including a box of metal and glass, litter picking outside Ively Gate, Ively Road and Elles Road with great aesthetic results.

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