Farnborough Airspace Change

CAA PIR assessment

Airspace Change Proposals Post-Implementation Reviews (PIRs) impacted by COVID 19

Confirmation of the commencement of Farnborough Airport’s PIR

As communicated at the October 2021 FACC, the CAA committed to undertaking a further review in February 2022 and we can now confirm that Farnborough Airport will commence their ACP PIR on 1st April 2022.

The CAA will confirm the data that it requires FAB to collect as part of the PIR process on the  23rd March and once this is received we will post this here.

ACP-PIR Update – July 2022

PIR Confirmation of Data Requirements – April 2022

PIR Commencement Update – March 2022

Click here to read the update – February 2022

Click here to read the update – October 2021

Background of Farnborough Airport’s ACP

Here is a Frequently Asked Questions document that will help inform the changes that you will see to flight paths.

Here are a series of documents to aid your understanding of these changes and the impact it will have on your ability to use Farnborough Airport.

  1. The AIP extract for EGLF that will become valid on 27th February 2020. Please note the Flight Procedures section AD2.22
  2. The AIC that went live on 16th January 2020 notifying aircraft operators of the new airspace structures.
  3. Two maps showing the airspace and SIDs and STARs.
  4. A short briefing slide pack on the changes focusing on Class E Rules.

The CAA has provided an update which has been written to provide a comprehensive guide to the Class D and Class E Farnborough controlled airspace which became effective on 27th February 2020.