Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) Privacy Notice

This privacy notice applies to you if you visit the airport by vehicle.  

How we collect your data                                  

We collect your personal data by using video surveillance equipment which records registration numbers of vehicles at the airport.

What data will we collect

We will collect CCTV images of your number plate and vehicle.

Why we need your data

We need to know your personal data for the purposes of:

  1. maintaining security within the airport;
  2. investigating incidents occurring at the airport;
  3. dealing with any complaints or enquiries that are made.

If we do not collect your personal data, we may not be able to fulfil these purposes. We will only collect the personal data about you which we need for these purposes alone.

The lawful basis for our processing of your personal data is legal requirement, based on it being necessary for security at the airport as required under the Civil Aviation Authority Regulations

What we do with your data

All the personal data we process is processed by our staff in the UK. We may provide your personal data to our security subcontractors for the purposes of managing access to the airport. We may if requested provide your personal data to law enforcement agencies for the purposes of their investigations or our regulators for the purpose of demonstrating compliance with our legal obligations. Your data will not be transferred outside of the UK by us. We do not use personal data in connection with any automated decision making.

How long we keep your data

We will keep the data we collect about you for 12 months after which time it will be destroyed (unless we are asked to retain such information for a longer period by our regulators or any law enforcement agency, in which case we will keep it for such period as is required by the relevant regulator or law enforcement agency).

Your Rights

Under the UK privacy laws you have rights to your data depending on the lawful basis in which we collect and process your data. Farnborough Airport. As we are legally required to keep the Airport secure, we are unable to offer the right to erasure, right to portability or the right to object to the processing of this data. You do have other rights, including a right to request copies of personal data processed by the airport.

To exercise your rights in respect of your personal information, please contact our Data Protection Officer:


or alternatively by post at

Farnborough Airport Ltd
Data Protection Officer
Farnborough Airport
GU14 6XA

You have the right to complain to the ICO if you are not satisfied in the way we process your personal data. ICO Tel: 0303 123 1113

We have appointed IT Governance Europe Limited to act as our EU representative. If you wish to exercise your rights under the EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR), or have any queries in relation to your rights or general privacy matters, please email our Representative at  Please ensure to include our company name in any correspondence you send to our Representative.