TAG Farnborough Airport commences public consultation on Airspace Change

3rd February 2014 by Farnborough Airport

FARNBOROUGH, 3 February 2014 Today, TAG Farnborough Airport announced the start of public consultation on its Airspace Change Proposal (ACP).  From 0900 on 3rd February to 2300 on 2nd May 2014, members of the public and other interested parties will be able to review proposed plans and leave feedback on potential airspace changes via a dedicated website: www.consultation.tagfarnboroughairport.com.

TAG Farnborough Airport is undertaking an Airspace Change Proposal (ACP), a formal UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) process, in order to introduce a new airspace design in the vicinity of the airport.  The airport currently operates within Class G airspace (uncontrolled airspace), which is shared with other airports and general aviation activities.

The purpose of TAG Farnborough Airport’s ACP is to create a new operating environment with elements of controlled airspace, which would offer all airspace users predictability and consistency of operation.  Overall, this could further reduce noise and CO2 emissions, improving the environment in and around the airport.  It is also set to improve efficiency and enhance safety.

“The proposed airspace design creates more precise and efficient flight paths, avoiding some commonly overflown regions.  Aircraft could also climb more quickly which would further reduce noise near populated areas,” said Brandon O’Reilly, CEO, TAG Farnborough Airport.  “We are encouraging the local community to provide feedback on the new design.”

Members of the public and interested parties can view the consultation document on a dedicated website and provide feedback on the proposed airspace changes over a period of more than 12 weeks.  All feedback gathered during the consultation will be analysed and, where appropriate, used to modify the design, before submitting to the CAA.


About TAG Farnborough Airport

TAG Farnborough Airport is Europe’s leading business aviation airport and a key gateway to London.  The airport is biennial host to the world’s leading airshow, the Farnborough International Airshow.  Farnborough is the birthplace of British aviation and home of the country’s first powered flight in 1908.


Visit TAG Farnborough Airport’s dedicated website on Airspace Change Consultation and leave feedback: www.Consultation.TAGFarnboroughAirport.com

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