TAG Farnborough Airport welcomes working with the Gaming Zone

15th January 2013 by Farnborough Airport

For the last two years TAG Farnborough Airport has been working in partnership with The Community Matters Partnership (CMP) to provide support, guidance, volunteering and donations to the Vine Centre, a homeless centre for adults in the Rushmoor area.

Throughout this time the Vine Centre has seen some fantastic improvements, most recently being their move from a small church hall to a large, multi-level, multi-roomed building in the centre of Aldershot. This move will allow them to increase their client numbers, provide counselling, teach cookery skills and increase their opening hours. Most importantly the Vine Centre now have the skills and confidence to build upon the work they started which will allow them to continue fundraising and move forward with the programme they had originally started.

The airport now look forward to working with The Gaming Zone in 2013/14, a social enterprise which provides a warm and welcoming environment for 5 – 21 year olds in the most deprived areas of Rushmoor. They offer free accessible areas where children are able to build upon their self-esteem, have 1:1 mentoring and life skills, access youth centres, receive anger management and take part in Young Leaders and Summer in Da Boro schemes.

Please visit http://www.thegamingzone.org/ to learn more about The Gaming Zone.

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