10 Reasons to Fly From Farnborough

  • The only airport near to London that is dedicated exclusively to Business Aviation so no queues in the air or on the ground.
  • Direct ramp access enables your vehicle to take you directly to your jet and be waiting for you as the aircraft stairs are lowered.
  • A speedy direct journey in and out of London as the major highways are literally minutes from the airport.
  • Award Winning Fixed Based Operations with a friendly and welcoming team to ensure a seamless experience for passengers, crew and aircraft.
  • Beautifully designed buildings to enhance your journey and leave a good impression on the eye.
  • Speedy Immigration procedures from a dedicated on-site Border Control Team for your return.
  • Discretion and safety is of top priority at Farnborough.
  • A fabulous hotel ‘Aviator’ on-site for passengers and crew.
  • First class crew facilities with dedicated crew rooms, showers, snooze rooms and a gymnasium.
  • Just 1 FBO providing full business aviation services resulting in just 1 bill for Handling services.

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