Farnborough Airport reinvents the customer travel experience through exclusive partnership with EI8HT Oxygen

7th June 2022 by Farnborough Airport

Farnborough Airport, Europe’s leading airport for premium air travel experiences, has this week set a new standard for travel wellbeing. Through an exclusive partnership with EI8HT by Avrox, Farnborough Airport is the first offline stockist to offer passengers and crew an innovative oxygen drink that provides a refreshing pre-flight boost or aids jet lag recovery post-flight, marking a complete reinvention of the traditionally tiresome air travel experience.

Developed by the UK based human-centric technology company Avrox Technologies, and in partnership with the University of Oxford, EI8HT increases the body’s ability to transport oxygen to the muscles by 5% through triggering the production of microbubbles, which are 500 times thinner than human air.

This exciting collaboration between two progressive companies gives passengers and crew the chance to enjoy the EI8HT oxygen experience with immediate health benefits. The EI8HT drink sachets are mixed with water to increase oxygen supply, provide increased energy and improved performance, as well as alleviating the undesirable tiring effects of travel and low cabin oxygenation, making it the perfect 100% natural pre or post-flight pick-me-up. The innovative drink sachets and accompanying water bottles will be available to purchase for the first time in person, in Farnborough Airport’s passenger lounge two, as well as the ground floor crew room.

 This news comes at the same time as the exciting refurbishment of Farnborough’s exclusive private lounge which has undergone a renovation. With a soft palette of blues and atmospheric lighting, the private lounge reflects the modern design of the airport, helping passengers to relax before or after their flight from Farnborough Airport.

Farnborough’s FBO Director said, “We are pleased to be working with Avrox Technologies on this innovative new offering to further develop our unrivalled customer experience, enhanced through Farnborough’s exclusive new private lounge. We are proud to be the first stockist of EI8HT products, and to offer our guests something completely unique and reinvigorating, as they travel through Farnborough Airport.”

Raymond Averre, the CEO of Avrox Technologies, commented; “We are delighted to be working with Farnborough Airport to offer their clients a truly innovative advantage. EI8HT is a unique functional beverage enhancer that will enrich the travel experience, using a patented oxygen delivery technology developed in collaboration with Oxford University. This exclusive partnership between two forward looking businesses will set the standard for travel wellbeing, bringing together the best of British innovation with the leading business aviation gateway to London.”

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