Community Matters

Farnborough Airport is a responsible member of the local community and community engagement is an important aspect and one which the Airport has committed to continue and grow. The airport is involved in many local initiatives and groups whilst also supporting local charities.

Aviation to Education

This initiative reaches out to local schools and colleges to inform and educate about aviation and support young people in developing their skills and talents.

Current projects include:

Pupil Premium
The Aspiration fund is supporting the four Rushmoor Schools; The Connaught School, Cove School, Fernhill School and Language College and The Wavell School.  The programme targets those pupils in schools who need additional support; in particular ‘pupil premium’ pupils.

The overall theme of the programme is delivering employability skills and raising aspirations; the scheme works by being flexible enough to fit within each schools individual needs and curriculum and support their required outcomes.

Farnborough Flying Scholarship
Farnborough Airport are working with The Honourable Company of Air Pilots for the Farnborough Flying scholarship. The aim of the Scholarship Programme is to assist successful local individuals who might otherwise not have the necessary resources to achieve their PPL Licence.

Farnborough Airport Sporting Academy
Farnborough helps fund local sporting teams and events within the local area.


The Wavell Jets

The 5th Yorkshire Open Championships

The 5th Yorkshire Open Championships

Community Matters Partnership Project

In 2010 Farnborough Airport joined a new initiative along with other companies in the area called the Community Matters Partnership Project, this is a network of responsible, local and caring companies working together to support the needs of the community.

By working collectively in this way, we can leverage local business support and resources to make fundamental social and economic changes to the area. The project is funded by the partners and co-ordinated by The Sixth Form College Farnborough. Over the past six years the partners of CMPP have raised over £170,000 in funds for local charities and projects and volunteered more than 45,000 hours of time, skill, expertise and resources. Using the formula used by Rushmoor Volunteer Services to calculate the value of volunteering to the community, this equates to an astonishing £517,500.